Fuzzy Logic Tutorial:

  • Fuzzy Tutorial (e-book) from Motorola, download  disk 1    dan  disk 2
  • Fuzzy & Neural Network book, download  (pdf file 900KB)

PetraFuz: Petra's Fuzzy Logic Development System



Fuzzy-Neural Course Material
  1. Cart-Ball User's Guide (usrguide.pdf
  2. Analysis of a Pendulum Problem (cartball.pdf
  3. Tutorial On Fuzzy Logic (logic.pdf
  4. Design of Fuzzy Controllers (design.pdf
  5. A Robustness Study of Fuzzy Control Rules (perf.pdf)
  6. The Self-Organising Fuzzy Controller (soc.pdf
  7. Tuning Of Fuzzy PID Controllers (fpid.pdf)
  8. Introduction To Perceptron Networks (nnet.pdf)
  9. Neurofuzzy Modelling (nfmod.pdf)
  10. Fuzzy Supervisory Control (proc.pdf)


Software (under matlab)

  1. Pendulum (pendul3.zip
  2. engine (lab98.zip)

Each document is in three, alternative versions: a postscript file (*.ps), a portable document file (*.pdf), and a zipped version of the postscript file (*.zip). The pdf version (recommended) is smaller than the ps version. The free, downloadable Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) Reader allows you to view, navigate, and print pdf files across all major computing platforms, 


To view and print ps files download Ghostscript from the Ghostscript Home Page


It has Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview.


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