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Rearrange matrix columns into blocks



col2im rearranges matrix columns into blocks. block_type is a string with one of these values:

A = col2im(B,[m n],[mm nn],'distinct') rearranges each column of B
into a distinct m-by-n block to create the matrix A of size mm-by-nn. If
B = [A11(:) A12(:) A21(:) A22(:)], where each column has length m*n,
then A = [A11 A12;A21 A22] where each Aij is m-by-n.

A = col2im(B,[m n],[mm nn],'sliding') rearranges the row vector B
into a matrix of size (mm-m+1)-by-(nn-n+1). B must be a vector of size
1-by-(mm-m+1)*(nn-n+1). B is usually the result of processing the output of im2col(...,'sliding') using a column compression function (such as sum).

A = col2im(B,[m n],[mm nn]) uses the default block_type of 'sliding'.

Class Support

B can be of class double or of any integer class. A is of the same class as B.

See Also

blkproc, colfilt, im2col, nlfilter

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