Goal :
To introduce a modeling that can be solved recursively and probabilistic modeling and the solving methods.

Credit : 3

Main Subject :
Dynamic programming. Integer linear programming. Game Theory. Stochastic Process. Poisson process. Queue Process.

Literature :
Hillier, Frederick S, Lieberman, 1990, Introduction to Mathematical Programming, McGraw-Hill.
Taha, Hamdy A., 1982, Operation Research : an Introduction, Macmillan Pub. Co., Inc

Kartono, 1994,Teori Permainan, Andy Offset.



First Test         20 % (Dynamics Programming)

Middle Test      20 %(Game Theory & Integer Programming)

Second Test    20 %(Stochastic Processing & Markov Chain)

Final Test        20 %(Queuing Theory)

Homework       20 %


Class Notes (In Indonesian)

Dynamics Programming
Sub 1
Sub 2
Game Theory
Sub 1
Sub 2
Integer Programming
Markov Chain
Queuing Theory




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